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On Tap is a student-run, student-read magazine that covers topics of interest to the students here at Valdosta State University. Most of our writers are journalism students, but other tracks in the English Department are also represented, including some students from art and business.

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  1. John Gunderson Reply

    I lived in Valdosta as a boy in the mid 1940s and have written some fun-to-read recollections of that time in my life. Humorous, insightful, exploratory, unusual stories. Would you be interested in reading them? I’ll guarantee chuckles and thoughtfulness from you.

  2. Ontap2 Reply

    You could send a short, funny piece to our attention at ontap@valdosta.edu (include some photos if you like) and we’ll get back with you if we think our current students would enjoy. Thanks for considering us.

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